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Easy to use Inventory software with Purchase Order for small or home based business.

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Inventory Control Management Software Developed as a way to control inventory for a Ways and Means committee which hosts spaghetti dinners and breakfasts for a Royal Canadian Legion.

  • Build your inventory file and supplier information and you are ready to go.
  • Create Purchase Orders. Easy selection of Supplier and Inventory item to purchase.
  • Receive inventory to update item quantity which updates inventory levels.
    Quick pay purchase orders, record payment information.
  • Generate forms for Counting and Ordering before an event or at beginning of day (by department by Supplier).
  • Another form for counting after an event or end of day (by location by department) 'Spaghetti' could be used to describe a department.
  • Sales is used to record sales of items or products used at an event. This updates inventory levels.
  • You can edit the following tables/files:
    Inventory, department (description), Suppliers, Locations (of inventory items), Your organization information.
  • Reports include:
    Inventory lists, on hand, by supplier. Purchases between dates. Purchase orders paid, unpaid. Sales - Cost. Cost Retail. Suppliers List.
  • Help file included Shows screens and how to instructions.

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CSS Inventory

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